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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  April 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ire. >> that's "viewpoint." up next, enter the war room with jennifer granholm. good night. ♪ >> i am jennifer granholm. this is the war room on current t.v. near bad day for cadillac, a high-mo file foundation cuts ties with the american legislative exchange council. also known as cadillacalec. we are tell you how progressive grassroots okaynizers are leading the charge. we will let you know mitt romney flip-flopped but are you aware he habitually lies? >> what politifacts is saying. we will present you the evidence. clangs will claim they are not waging a war on women. the facts suggest otherwise. this is the war room. come on inside!the facts suggest otherwise. this is the war room. come on inside!
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>> breaking news on a story we have been tracking nightly here in the war room a 5th big-name organization has dropped its support of the american legislative exchange council or alec. the gates foundation announced today it would pull all future funding from alec. for those who are not familiar with alec, it is an organizations that works with state lawmakers and corporations to promote anti--democratic legislation like anti-worker bills, voter suppression bills, stand-your-ground bills and pro-corporation laws. the way it works is that corporations pay big dues to belong to alec and get teamed as co-chairs with state let latetors on committees that draft model legislation on the issues that those courses want to pass back in state
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legislatures. the flesh has been mounting for companies to pull their support, and as we reported last week coca-cola, pe psi, intuit kraft had withdrawn support as of the end of last week. intuit withdrew last year. today, the gates foundation also pulled its support, spokesman chris williams told roll call that the foundation was never a dues paying member of alec and that, quote, we have made -- this is again the gates foundation. they said we have made a single grant narrowly focused on providing information to alec-affiliated state legislatures on teacher effectiveness and school finance. so, five down. who is next? if progressive organizers have their way, it will be at&t, the telecom giant's ceo sits on alec's board and color of change, the organization behind the effort to get companies to pull out of alec is now calling
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on at&t to pull its support as well. for the latest on the efforts to expose alec, we are joined again, thankfully by rashad robinson and by adam green. rashad is the executive director of color of which is a group instrumental in outing alec and he comes to us from new york and adam is the co-founder of the progressive change campaign committee which also has been working alongside color of change and he is in washington, d.c. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us inside the war room tonight. let me start with rashad. rashad, you were on our show on friday. we talked about your success in getting coca-cola and craftkraft to stop funding for alec. now you are publically calling out at&t and you made this public today. have they responded to your campaign? >> they haven't responded yet. they haven't said anything. i mean this is sort of the way that at&t oftentimes work. they sort of hold out for a while. we have started to make phone
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calls. other organizations are starting to make phone calls as well. what we are building now is a broad coalition of organizations around the country that value a democracy that's open and includes all views and alek with the way that they do -- write these bills behind the scenes behind closed doors as you sort of outlined in the beginning, governor, really, it's sort of outside of the standards we want for our democracy and as we gold campaign at&t won't just be hearing from color of change members. they will hear from folks all around the country, from races and all backgrounds who want our democracy back. >> well, i am wondering if you -- i know you gave a number of companies a deadline of this week. are you going to be publically saying what those companies are this week? >> this week we will be rolling out a number of new corporations. this week, three to four new corporations that we will be -- that we have kind of reached the
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end with. they have been given a chance. we have had both written conversations back and forth. we have had on-the-phone conversations where we have really tried to educate them about alec's role in promoting voter suppression and stand your ground laws and other laws alec promotes. we have made it clear this is not about the left or the right or representing both sides of the political spectrum that there are not two sides to black people's franchise in america. there are not two sides to people being able to vote in our upcoming election. these are not things we should be debating at this point in american -- in america. >> right. >> so for these companies we have really given them the last chance. >> all right. so think about this. i am going to come back and ask you whether you want to reveal any other ones after i talk to adam for one moment. adam, your group has -- was targeting specifically the gates foundation, which makes sense,
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when you consider that the gates foundation might not want to be associated with an organization that suppresses or at least that is promoting laws that suppress votes and stand your ground, et cetera, anti-worker laws. but how did you decide to make the gates foundation your target? was it because -- was it because you thought it was going to be lower-hanging fruit? >> well, first of all, big hats off to color of change. they have really inspired so many people by leading this fight. and we wanted to do our part to pile on to that effort. so, you know, today, we launched a petition to our members targeting the bill and melinda gates foundation and at&t because color of change is leading there and the bill and melinda gates' foundation prides itself on being responsible and it's funding the stand your ground law. we wanted to take a stance. >> do you have a next target too, in addition to the at&t
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petition that you have got as well? are you going to be working? i mean you have been working in tandem with color of change. are you going to target any other additional public entities that you want to less ust us know about tonight? >> first, i think it's clear after today's news that the dominos are falling and the curtain is closing for alec. and while the bill and mel i need am gates foundation deserves credit, we are going to keep the pressure on them. anything to expanding to whoever color of change decides to target. here is why: in november of 2011, the bill and melinda greats foundation announced a 22 month grant, an ongoing grant to allek. to alec. they announced they would not make future grants but they have 17 months of ongoing funding they have committed to $376,000 that they have committed to rolling out within the next year and a half or so. there is really honestly no excuse for the bill and melinda gates foundation to continue feeting voter suppression,
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union-bashing organization like alec. so we are going to ask them to cease that funding immediately continue the fight with at&t and then wherever color of change decides to lead we will follow them. >> color of change has been doing great job. you both have petitions, i understand, on the web to be able to make the pressure points. adam, where do people go to get to your petition? >> we are at bold >> all right. and rashad, i want to make sure you have got a chance to plug yours. r? >> >> rashad until -- a lot of people aren't aware that one of the big funders of alec is the koch brothers. the koch brothers, of course, we have done a lot of work exposing on this network frankly. have you tried to reach out to the koch brothers or others like them? what has the response been from
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them? >> you know, we haven't reached out to the koch brothers or we actually haven't reached directly out to allek either. we know where alec stands and where the koch brothers stand on democracy. they have made it very clear how they stand on who should vote in this upcoming election. they have made it clear on issues of our environment or issues of public education. they have made their voices very clear. we have always made this campaign about public facing corporations, that every single day, come into black communities and ask us to buy their products or use their services. we want to know where they stand on democracy. we want to know where they stand on how our democracy should work and who should get to participate. >> rashad, are you going to announce another company tonight or tomorrow? >> we will be -- i hope that tomorrow morning, i can announce some corporations that have made the right choice. but at this point, we are at a place where there will be probably some corporations
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tomorrow that welling rolling out as the next targets in our exam pain and i think adam and pccc and bold progressive and credo and common cause and the center for median democracy and progress now and people for the american way and so many organizations that have really stood with color of change and stood with folks all around the country that really want to make this campaign withholding corporations accountable to what they do, to making sure that what they say in their ads and their television commercials to us about their products is the same as what they do behind closed doors in washington, that they don't have a right to go behind doors in washington and create bills and legislation that hurt our communities. >> adam is the end goal to defund alec entirely? >> yeah. that's a means to reversing voter suppression laws or union-busting laws and
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accomplish social change. >> you are doing great work. our viewers are interested. we are appreciative and i hope you guys will be back we announce further shoes and dominos falling. >> that's rashad and adam. coming up, time to disconnect. alec isn't at&t's only problem. it's also dealing, at&t with a nasty labor dispute. we will get the skinny on both issues from the president of the largest telecom union in the world, larry cohen. later, after the warring comes the wooing. the latest on the g.o.p.'s attack to get back into the good graces of women. good luck with that. and we are just getting started by the way, hot online with you -- hop online with us at stay with us, and we will be right back. i think its brilliant.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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>> as we have already told you progressive grassroots groups are ratcheting up the pressure on at&t to stop porting alec. cadillac has been behind many state laws fort that are the voter suppression laws. what does the biggest communications conducts tree which represents telecom workers with every phone company from at&t to verizon? what do they think about it? a view from inside the union, i am joined by larry cohen the president of the communications workers of america, which represents 700,000 men and women in both the public and the private sect occur. larry is joining us from washington. welcome inside the war room, larry. >> my pleasure. great to be with you. >> great to have you here. so let me just start with alec because we had some folks on working on this issue. alec has at&t as a member.
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there are groups pressuring alec, at&t to withdraw from alec. how does the communication workers of america feel about it? >> well, we definitely agree with the last segment. alec is like rat poison to this democracy, and we certainly have pushed and will push all of our employers not only to withdraw from alec but to say to really the mastermind, the u.s. chamber of commerce, that enough is enough of bashing workers, bashing worker's rights, making unwholly -- unholy alliances to take away voters' rights so they can get their economic agenda pushed. i wish it was mainly an at&t program. it's broader. every one of our large employers is part of that. we say, get the money out of politics. get rid of alec and put the chamber on notice that these scams of theirs, we are on to them. >> particularly, the efforts with respect to anti-collective
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bargaining efforts across the country, if they have been the model, bills have been introduced through alec across the states. we have seen it in a bunch of different states as well as the voter suppression laws. do you see what has been going on across the states as an opportunity to further organize on the ground, to motivate people? what's going on with respect to organization and this election? >> yeah. i couldn't say that better actually. so starting with the resistance we saw last year in madison led largely by students and workers, not only those affected but other working families across the state, we now are kicking off just today the 99% spring training. it's the progressives' version of spring training. this is civil rights and labor and students and faith-based social justice groups and environmentalists, all immigrant rights groups working together training with a joint economic
6:18 pm
narrative and then moving to a personal narrative so people tell their own story and then training on direct action. we expect to take collective text across the country in the coming weeks and put corporate america on notice that every day folks, the 99%, are fighting back. we have an american dream that we care about, too, not just the dream for the 1%, but the dream for all of us. so we are very excited. it's the first time that our folks, whether it's in a church or a university or a union haulll hal a union hall spending seven hours in training and being ready to move forward and act together politically and collective action across the country this year. >> so, larry, is that -- how many people is this 99% spring, what's the goal in terms of numbers of people being trained? and is it mostly a get-out-the-vote training? >> no. it's -- well first of all,
6:19 pm
100,000 people will be trained either at these meetings or online. about 55,000 are registered for actually showing up somewhere like at the cwa hall down the street or at the methodist hall in philadelphia. literally every state. so the goal is that the 60 or so groups that are working together to train collectively about 100,000 people in the next week. get out the vote and end voter suppression. >> that's definitely part of it. but, also, showing up at some shareholder meetings and putting the management on notice they have had their day but now working families as i said immigrants, civil rights folks are together saying this must work for us not just for the 1% and we will fight for our rights, voters and worker's writes this year. >> is this a rejuvenation or
6:20 pm
could be an inclusion of some of the occupy movement energy from the fall? >> hopefully, the energy from occupy is part of this and some of the trainers. so we have trained 1600 people to run these sessions. there is over 800 sessions. again, it started today. but i would say that, you know, the focus here is to bring back the american dream for millions and millions of americans. and so it's in that sense broader than "occupy" but some of the same ideas and talking about what is -- how can this economy work for the 99% not just the 1%. >> let me jump over for a moment to the cwa. i know you are in negotiations now with at&t. i also know that cwa has been organizing across the world. now, i know that part of the strategy is to bring jobs back here to the united states whether they are call centers or other ways so that americans can
6:21 pm
get jobs. but i am curious how that has -- i know at&t has brought some call centsers back thanks to the cooperation, i am sure with the cwa. but how does the organization -- how does organizing work for you when you are in another country? how does that affect happen? >> well, two things. let me first comments on what you just said. it's true at&t because of our joint marketing -- by the way, your time as governor has brought 5,000 call 70ser jobs back -- center jobs back. it's part of the negotiations to bring jobs back. we hope other companies will follow because, sadly, the other communication companies in this country have dorn the opposite to continue to export jobs whether t-mobile and verizon. in terms of global efforts, let's take a couple of examples. so we work with the major tellcom union in mexico where roark worker's rights are in worse shape than the u.s. and try to
6:22 pm
focus on companies like telephonica, a spanish company the largest single owners the span spanish government to fight for workers in mexico 10,000 call centers are trying to organize there now. >> larry, as you do that, the goal, of course, is to raise the conditions and the wages of workers elsewhere. as that happens, does it make it seem more likely that you are able to retain jobs here in the united states? aren't you trying to accomplish both. >> we have a choice, as president obama said, we race to the top or we race to the bottom. and i think again, part of what we are doing, whether it's the 99% spring training or whether it's the global work we try to do, it's to try to create a situation where it's not just corporate leaders that work globally but that we can build global organizations of workers and whether it's workers, students environmentalists, so we can create a global economy that works for all of us.
6:23 pm
many differently examples of how that's working. it's not easy. we have language barriers but we will fight through them. >> i think international unions have a great opportunity to help level the playing field. they are up for workers across the country and across the world. so larry, thank you so much for coming into the war room. thank you for your great leadership, larry cohen president of the communication workers of america union. up next, first, he screws up and then he comes crawling back on his hands and knees. sound familiar? the latest on mitt romney's revelation that he can't win without women. inside the war room. solely on current tv. make your voice heard.
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for television. >> >> did you know that government frad, state and local has grown to consume almost 40% of our economy? we are inches away from ceasing to be a free economy. >> inches away. >> that's just one of the many missstatements or lies that mit rom ney has told throughout his political career. he is not alone. there are many politicians who have miss spoken, many unintentionally. some intentionally. thankfully for us there is politix politifacts that analyzes politicians' statements for truthfulness. let's look at some other recent romney statements politifacts
6:27 pm
has identified as "pants on fire lying" which is really bad. mitt romney claims president obama never mentioned the debt or deficit in this year's state of the union. in fact, president obama mentioned them six types. these are just the easy lies. mitt romney has claimed that president obama went around the world and apologized for america. that is simply not true. in fact, in all, politifact found that around 11%, 11% of the romney statements that they reviewed earned a "pants on fire lying score. " to put it in context, let's take a look at the rant did, the pants on fire scores of other politicians so that you have some idea of how bad this is. so president obama has had 1% of his statements be considered
6:28 pm
"pants on fire" lying. hillary clinton is at 2%. john mccain is at 5%. mitt romney is at 11%. the biggest liar of the group by far. now, to what has me fired up tonight, this guy. here is something that fundamentally disturns me about -- disturbs me about this man's character. now, i know i am a progressive. romney is a republican, so i am not supposed to be supportive of him. i know that. but it is much more than that. it's the jobs that he flip-flops? i change my mind on thing. we all have. it's not just that he's shading his shifting positions in a disingenuous way like when he twists himself into a pretzel to say the individual mandate under obamacare is different than the individual mandate under romney care in massachusetts after
6:29 pm
which obamacare was modeled. whatever. it's not even that he has misstated facts if they were truly just misstatements. part of what really bugs me is that he is carefully scripted and controlled as a candidate and he still has outright pants-on-fire lied more than any recent presidential con tender by a significant factor. and then added to the serial lying is not just that he is flip-flopped. everybody knows about the flip-flops. it's that he has flip-flopped on core issues like being pro-choice or pro-life deep fundamental values issues, all for the purpose of getting elected. nothing more. so what e americans from this composite picture of lying and flip-flopping and position contortions is a man who has no
6:30 pm
core. he is a hollow man. he is a man without deep, long longstanding conviction. he is a calculating man who will apparently lie, who will change positions as he changes his venue, who will say anything or do anything, who is ruthless about winning in a way that seems to deny that he has a soul. so the real question is: what does this man stand for? why does he even want to be president? where is his soul? where is his vision his core? does he even have one? and by the way, where do you fit into his picture of success? my big concern is that mitt romney wants to become president for no other reason
6:31 pm
than because there is a possibility that he can win. i am afraid you are not in that vision. here to discuss the hollowness that is mitt romney are susan kennedy and wade randlet susan is the former chief of staff to armed schwarzenegger, and wade was national finance chair of al gore's 2001 run for the white house hand and has done a lot of work. i am glad to welcome you back inside the war room. >> good to be here. >> onso on this issue of romney am i overstating this? do you think i am going over the top? >> yes. >> tell me why. >> you don't question a man's soul. i'm sorry. candidates and the truth have had a fickle relationship in the middle of a campaign. i have seen it on both sides, both parties. this candidate it's not about what they stand for.
6:32 pm
it's about, you know, he has a bigger problem than most candidates for a number of reasons. number 1, he has definitely moved around on issues to the point where voters are not going to trust him. i don't know whether i -- i can't say he is lying or whether he actually believes what he is saying and he is just wrong. but either way, the truth, the facts of the case are not as he states them and voters are not going to trust that because that is going to be very, very evident. but i think that your question about whether you are over stating it, i think we have to be careful that we don't -- that we don't question, you know, the soul of a man in the heat of a campaign. i just think that you are crossing the line a little bit there. >> well, i cannot help but believe that somebody who has moved all over the map like greased lightning does not have a core is not centered as a human being. >> i agree there is not a fundamental core belief that guides him to the point where he can be consistent in his policies and in his rhetoric. no question. but i think everybody needs to
6:33 pm
be careful about the rhetoric they use in a middle of a campaign. >> do you think he has moved all over? >> i could be less chairable because what i am more worried about is he is feeding into a political culture which is bad for the country, both left and right. if it's a political culture where you know you are talking about what's a fox news audience and you are going to say stuff that doesn't matter whether it's true but it's what they want to hear. it's what they want to believe is true, we are going to have 3030/40 forever. >> that's not the way this country is set up. >> that's not the way i want to have the country for four kids or if he would want to have if he was president. but your tactics say something about your personalalty. if you will say things that you know is red meat for one part of the crowd and bad for the country not to have an honest and sober conversation about hard big issues, you are making the culture worse, not better. and if there is one thing we should get from a candidate who is going to win, maybe not from
6:34 pm
a french candidate but from both my candidate and from romney you want an elevation of the issues. you want a serious conversation and i will give john mccain credit here there was at least a guy who would not cut loose. >> yeah. >> and when people asked him to say things that he was not comfortable with inside his tents, he said, no, i won't do it. >> i feel -- i mean, i disagree with santorum on almost everything. but i knew where he stood. i knew he was going to say stuff before a group that he -- that disagreed with him, he was going to stick by what he said. and i just feel like romney is not doing that. i mean he is going to be giving the keynote address to the nra on friday. now, we know that at least in the past, he has said that all he's done is shoot varmints a few times. he is not a big gun owner. maybe he will confess that. i will have respect for that. if he goes there and either claims something that he is not or uses the venue as a way to
6:35 pm
attack in a way that's deceitful, the president's role again by saying he has apologized for america around the world, things that are just wrong, then i think it's another -- it's another brick in my wall that demonstrates he is a hollow man. >> i think the republican primary has definitely pushed him off of his platform in terms of being able to be consistent as a person and as a candidate. they are trying to outright each other so much, the rhetoric goes beyond so. he specially if he had the time to map out strategy. >> i agree. here is another reason. yes say this in my remarks that really gets to me about him is that he comes from a state where his father was the head of an auto company. he grew up around autos and the minute he had the opportunity to stab us in the back by saying let detroit go bankrupt, he did.
6:36 pm
now, would he have done that if he -- if the poles were in a different place? would he have done -- he did not stand up for the industry that gave his father his -- you know his way of living. he didn't stand up for anything that he was raised to. he was willing to so morph himself into something else for the purpose of getting elected that tells me the man has no soul. susan and wade don't go anywhere. we will be talking to you a little bit later in the show. and up next getting women to run for political office as we have talked about on the show before is a favorite topic of mine and my next guest as well president of emily's list stephanie shroud. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
economic policy with two smart per perspective perspectives, stephanie, the president of emily's list and she works to elect democratic women and governor's offices. thank you very much. also joining me from washington d.c. is the president of the bern barnard center of women in politics. >> very good. so michelle, let me start with you, because of the center that you run and the interests that we have in women and in women's economic equality. last week, governor scott walker signed a law that prohibits workers from collecting damages in unemployment -- in employment discrimination cases such as gender discrimination and there was a justification that was made by a wisconsin state senator whose name is glen grosman. this is what he had to say about why it was important to sign a bill prohibiting damages from
6:41 pm
being collected in employment discrimination. he said: you could argue that money is more important for men, to atransit but everybody to so so-called bias in the workplace is just not true." of course, scott walker also signed a rescission of the pay equity law as well. i am curous as we are in a political season and you are not a partisan at all but if republicans wanted to truly help women economically wouldn't they support gender discrimination damages? >> absolutely. absolutely to hear that statement that that quote/unquote gentleman made makes one wants to gag. you know, women are not demanding equal outcomes but women demand equal opportunity. so, for example, when you are in a workplace where people discriminate against you on the basis of gender or race or any other illegal reason, you should have the ability to obtain
6:42 pm
damages from that company if you are successful in a lawsuit, and so quite frankly i think it's important, governor, to point out this is a wisconsin state law, not a federal law, but that being said, this is am coming out of a very high-profile state right now for the republican party, and it is another message that seems to say women's' lives don't matter and that's a huge problem. not just for governor walker but, quite frankly for all of the republicans running for president of the united states. absolutely as we have seen law after law after law being introduced from straight legislate temperatures, it's been an interest moment and there has been some denial on the part of replubicans. do we have the sound byte of mitch mcconnell? okay. mitch mcconnell today basically said that it wasn't true that there wasn't a war on women,
6:43 pm
that it was essentially -- he didn't use these words, a figment of their imagination. i don't know how romney and republicans improve their image. i will ask this to you, stephanie, when they continue to deny what's happening essential essentially essentially. these are not things in our imagination. what's happening across the country. >> it is just unbelievable that they continue every week week after week, i hear from the republican party one more attack in this war against women, and i know they would like to talk themselves out of it now, but the problem is, their actions have spoken so loud. i mean you are talking about a republican congress who first wanted to get rid of the health care reform that was going to cover or going to cover birth control for 40 million women in the country and then going to defund planned parenthood and then going to allow women to go into emergency rooms and let those hospitals -- let those women die instead of give them the health care they need and that's just the social side of this.
6:44 pm
then there is the economic side. we have been fighting for pay equity in this country forever. and here, we have laws in some states -- and there are a lot of states that don't like wisconsin had until last week and we need those laws. we need a pay equity law now. and now they are throwing them out the window. >> i am sure there is a good backlash you can capitalize in getting women elected but stephanie, let me just give you -- michelle, i am going to give you one other example of something that happened today. i saw this online today: there was an alaska senator who blocked a resolution supporting the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts, as innocuous as it could because he saw a rumor online that there was some connection between the girl scouts and planned parenthood. i mean i don't know -- i mean i call this -- this effort to get after planned parenthood as a form of sexual mccarthism because they end up being the fly paper onto which everything
6:45 pm
is projected at least from the republican side. but don't you think, michelle that that is another example that women can use to say, yes, this war on women is real and it's happening in every community across the country where there is a far right effort? >> absolutely. you know people continue to tell us that this election is going to come down to the economy and nothing else. i would say the economy is more important than anything else, but this is another example of why i believe you are going to continue to see that gender gap between the republican and the democratic party continue to escalate. right now, there is an 18-point give or take a point or so gender gap between women who support barack obama, for example, versus mitt romney. and one of the reasons why is that, yes, economic issues are important. but when we are talking about issues of personal liberty, issues of fundamental as the right of birth control that was decided by the supreme court in
6:46 pm
the 1970s in griswould versus connecticut, issues of personal liberty will come before the economy because if you don't have freedom over your body to make personal decisions that should not matter to anyone whatsoever, the economy really is of no consequence and this is just another example. >> it's so funny. >> i would say -- >> women would want the economy to be the issue. >> that's exact right. we are not making this up. it's just that it's being forced upon us. last word stephanie: what should women do. >> elect women to. you know, at emily's list we look at this 2012 election cycle. we have a historic number of women stepping up and running right now. we have endorsed more women for the united states senate than in the history of this nation. and it's these women who have fought to stop the defunding of planned parenthood but also are bringing the economic issues to the table, trying to get this country back on course. and that's what we need to do. >> i would say, too, i say what should women do but i would say
6:47 pm
as william progressive men we really appreciate like-minded men who think we ought to be pursuing equality and fairness and opportunity, all of them. michelle bernard and stephanie schrlock, thank you so much for joining me in the war room. up next, we will turn back to our political roundtable. we will see what's on their radar as we start the weekly. this is the war room. it's only on current tv.
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6:51 pm
president obama of imploring scare tactics he complained against. from our political roundtable, susan kennedy sheriffedb served under california governor arnold schwartz swarths and active warning device wade, thank you for coming back in. the big news out of the obama campaign, there was a call which talked about the president's call for the buffett rule. and on that call senator durbin was on that call and got immediately into the fact that the mitt romney has not released his tax returns and what's he hiding? because he's got some accounts in swifttzerland. and the question is: does his failure to disclose end up being sort of added fodder for the feeling that he is maybe deceiving people about who he is or why not have some transparency see. >> my bet is they will be
6:52 pm
released at some point. he cannot afford to carry any more misstrust with the voters. >> that's what it's going to ingender. >> gray davis released his returns. arnold schwarzenegger. you just do. >> candidates that have tried to hold them back, it doesn't work. >> i think the question is: has he learned anything from the south carolina stow disaster that he had on his own answer it returns when they got off for letting him get out two years worth. there is no way two years will make it through campaign. he will have to go back from the time he started running the last time around and perhaps farther. his problem will not be whether he is viewed as the 1% but the .01% using tax shelters and manipulation to get breaks no other person in the country -- >> why switzerland? what's the advantage to him? >> well, you would need to ask the candidate why he would make that decision but they are going to be harder ones which is i was on the irs website and there is
6:53 pm
a rule you can have an ira contribution, $5,000 or less per year. how you have a million dollars ira for yourself and for your family, he's got to be awful old to get that done. >> it's funny because dick durbin on the call said why is he investing in swiss accounts? there are perfect fine american banks that can do this. the question is for him, is it worth to withhold and take the, you know, the flack for not revealing, or is it worse to reveal? >> peel's imaginations are always worse than the truth. the longer he with holds, the worst people are going to think it is. >> i totally agree with you. another issue, the president came out today and publically opposed an anti-high gay-marriage ballot proposal in minnesota. of course, he has not publically embraced gay marriage, but he has taken this step: that a move that signals that the next shoe is going to drop?
6:54 pm
>> i think it signals a degree of confidence that he is going to be able to hold his coalition together in the fall campaign and i think he couldn't dodge the question any longer. so i don't think it will go much further than this. i am not sure he has to. >> does it have to be part of the platform at the democratic national convention? wade? >> i don't think it does. i think great supporters like nussen, a piner on this will say the president is where he is. i am comfortable with it and the amount of gay and lesbian support both financial and non-that the president has received indicate that they know that's the right direction. >> unfortunately, we are out of time. things just get started and we have to wrap up. still more to do in the war room, though. stick around. i am so grateful for you guys, being in here. we want to hear by you, someone always in our war room. check us out online at and link up to our twitter and our facebook page.
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>> all right, sir. a big week on the war room. former san francisco mayor willie brown on the show tomorrow. nancy pelosi will join us on thursday. of course, we will be following the latest on alec and the war on women and a lot more. thank you for joining us, but but, i have one more thing to show you, a very important announcement, a human billboard. hillary clinton for president in 2016. everybody, have a great night. we will see you all back here tomorrow. thank you so much.
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